28025 Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in 28025

Teeth whitening is a highly effective, safe and comfortable cosmetic treatment to make your teeth whiter and brighter. A professional 28025 teeth whitening at your dentist is faster and more effective than any of the over the counter products at your drug store.  At Philip M. Sobo DDS, we utilize the most up to date techniques and will carefully assess your teeth and gums to ensure a teeth whitening treatment will be safe and comfortable for you.

28025 Teeth Whitening

For patients in the zip code area 28025 teeth whitening at the office of Philip M. Sobo DDS, can improve smiles that have become yellowish and dull due to smoking, certain foods and medications, genetic conditions, injury or the process of aging. A comprehensive dental examination prior to treatment will determine if you have any special sensitivity or oral health conditions that need to be addressed. While most patients are candidates for teeth whitening treatments, for other patients who have stained teeth from conditions that do not respond to whitening treatment, we offer several other options for whitening and brightening your smile.

The teeth whitening process itself can be done in the office, usually in a one hour visit. Your dentist will be able to minimize sensitivity and keep you comfortable while whitening your teeth and take care to protect the soft tissues around your teeth from the effects of the bleach, unlike any over-the-counter products.  In addition to the in-office teeth whitening treatment, there is also the option ofa take-home whitening system utilizing custom-made teeth trays and a whitening formula and protocol for use – significant whitening occurs gradually over days or weeks – that is recommended for you. An at-home  whitening system can also be used as a follow up to the in-office treatment, to maximize and maintain results.

If you feel a dull smile is holding you back, 28025 teeth whitening at Philip M. Sobo DDS may be the simple cosmetic solution to boost your confidence and have you beaming at the world.  If you are ready for a smile that lights up the room tomorrow, contact us today.


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