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Dental Office 28025

Where can I find a dental office in 28025?

Are you considering making cosmetic enhancements to your smile? With so many treatments and procedures available and advertised, it’s important to think carefully about what might be best for you. For many patients, an informative consultation at your dental office 28025, the practice of Philip M. Sobo DDS, is their first and best resource. Dr. Sobo will perform a comprehensive smile examination and discuss with you the best options for correcting and improving the appearance of your smile; you’ll appreciate his expert evaluation. You’ll find out if porcelain veneers may be among the best, appropriate options to uplift your smile.

Veneers are state-of-the-art porcelain facings that are custom fabricated to mask many kinds of dental imperfections. Unappealing aesthetics such as stains, discolorations, chipped teeth, gapped teeth, or misshaped teeth can be stunningly transformed with porcelain veneers. They are specially designed and custom fabricated using the highest-grade dental porcelain, and provide excellent cosmetic improvements. Among many attributes, porcelain veneers interact with light much in the same way a natural tooth does, creating an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance.

Additionally, while veneers can significantly makeover your smile cosmetically, they are a comparatively conservative treatment. Veneers require only minimal treatment of the underlying original tooth structure before bonding. Once the veneer is bonded to the original tooth, it becomes extremely strong and durable. What’s even better is that the entire process of creating and bonding veneers, renewing and enhancing the appearance of your smile, requires only two or three visits to your dental office 28025. Simply put, porcelain veneers are a winning solution for many formally imperfect smiles!

Why don’t you schedule a consultation with your dental office 28025 so we can begin your smile transformation! For more information, and to make your appointment, please give us a call at the office of Philip M. Sobo DDS, today.


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