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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Concord

Concord Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Did you know that the problems associated with your wisdom teeth coming into place might be linked to our evolutionary development? That’s because it is believed that the human jaw has been downsized over the ages due to dietary changes and an increase in brain size. While we may be smarter and enjoying more delicious food than our prehistoric human counterparts, we don’t always have enough for all of our teeth. This situation predominantly affects our third molars, which are more commonly known as our wisdom teeth. Often problematic because they are impacted or difficult to reach and keep clean, wisdom teeth extractions in Concord are sometimes warranted. At the dental practice of Philip M. Sobo DDS, we carefully evaluate every patient’s overall oral health and dental development to assess the presence as well as status of their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Concord

Your third molars typically begin to erupt during early adulthood – between the ages of 17 and 21. Since they are the very last teeth in your mouth to come in there is often not enough room for them to come into place or they are not in the correct position within the jaw to erupt. Fully impacted or partially impacted third molars can cause damage to the adjacent teeth, periodontal tissues, develop extensive tooth decay, cysts, or infections. Often patients needing wisdom teeth extractions in Concord are in pain because of infections or one of these other problems that have developed.

At the office of Philip M. Sobo, DDS, we’ll monitor your dental health at every checkup visit. This includes an assessment of any developing, erupted, partially impacted or fully impacted wisdom teeth. If we detect any potential or developing problems with your third molars we will advise you of our findings. If wisdom teeth extractions in Concord are required, we will explain every step of the process to you. For further information about our office and the many dental services that we offer, or to make an appointment for care, call our office today.


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