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Concord Restorative Dentist

Restorative Dentist in Concord

The time was that it took quite some time to prepare dental crowns for a tooth’s restoration – typically more than two dental appointments for a full crown to be fabricated at a lab then fitted and placed by your dentist.. However, at your Concord restorative dentist, Philip M. Sobo, DDS, crowns can now be made and placed in one and the same day.

Concord Restorative Dentist

Thanks to the most advanced technology, equipment and techniques employed at the office of Philip M. Sobo DDS, your Concord restorative dentist is able to do in just one appointment what used to take several visits spaced out to accommodate lab work. After a complete smile examination by your dentist, the process for receiving your same day crown can begin. First, your tooth will be prepared to receive the new crown. Your dentist will then use a state-of-the-art camera to take 3D images of your smile which is sent in real time to the in-office computer. Once the imaging scans are complete, your dentist will be able to custom fabricate your tooth’s restoration digitally. Our top-of-the-line equipment is so advanced that its calculations include information for your teeth surrounding the restoration site, taking into consideration your individual bite as well as the ridge patterns for maximum comfort. After the tooth restoration has been digitally mapped out, the next step involves having it carved out of a high quality, dental grade ceramic block in a process called “milling.” Once your new crown has been milled, it can be polished and glazed for a beautiful natural looking appearance and fitted in the restoration site.

Your Concord restorative dentist believes that excellent dental care as conveniently and efficiently as possible makes a dental office truly great. If you are looking to enhance the radiance of your smile through dental crowns, don’t waste a minute. For fantastic restorative results in significantly less time, call Philip M. Sobo DDS.


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